FTP Explorer Help

Firewall Options

Use PASV Mode

PASV mode is supported as a firewall option. This feature simply reverses the connection between host and server, thus allowing many users that reside behind firewalls to use this program. PASV mode ftp is what most of the browsers like Netscape, and Microsoft use to initiate ftp transfers.

Use Firewall

If your system resides behind a firewall that limits or restricts FTP access, enable this option and fill in the appropriate information for the firewall in use at your location. Most firewalls require a host name and port number (the default port for FTP connections is 21), along with a user ID, and password. There are differences in the methods used by firewalls to permit user activity. The �Firewall Type� box permits you to select the command required by your firewall when initiating an FTP session from FTP Explorer. If your firewall requires the �User�, or �Open� command (upper or lower case sensitive), simply click the appropriate option to enable it.