FTP Explorer Help

FTP Status Log

The FTP Status Log area is visible by default. It displays the complete history of information that FTP Explorer transmits or receives, including commands, login data, and server announcements. Every command that the program is given via the user interface is interpreted, converted, then carried out. The FTP Status Log displays the information that is passed between the program and any remote servers to which the program attaches during the session. The contents of the log can be useful for troubleshooting purposes, or informative for those users that enjoy seeing what the program is actually doing. Each time the program closes, the contents of the log are discarded, and may not be retrieved again. It is possible, however, to retain the contents of the log and place the data in a file for future reference (see the File Menu for details).

For those that do not wish to view the log, or simply need more desktop space, it can be removed from the screen by disabling the FTP Log option in the View Menu.

As you become more familiar with FTP commands, you may want to send the server a command directly. You may accomplish this by selecting the Quote option from the Tools Menu.