FTP Explorer Help

File View Area

The File View or "List View" area of the program is located on the right side of the main program screen. If a server connection is active, it displays the contents of the currently highlighted directory in the "Tree View" or View Window portion of the main screen.

View and Sorting Options

The files contained within the selected directory will be displayed in one of four ways depending on the chosen display option on the tool bar, or View Menu. The display option may be changed at any time by selecting the desired option from the tool bar, view menu, or by right clicking the mouse in the File View area and choosing the appropriate "View" option from the Context Menu.

Similar to the view options, you may sort the items displayed in the File View Area by choosing a sort method from the View Menu, or by using the Context Menu to select the sort method. If you choose the �Details� sort option, you may also sort the contents of this area by clicking on the column headings. Additionally, clicking them more than once will toggle the sort order between ascending and descending.