FTP Explorer

FTP Explorer is an easy to use, full featured FTP client application for Windows.

FTP Explorer Main Window

FTP Explorer's user interface is very similar to the Windows file system explorer. Folders appear in a tree view
on the left side, while subfolders and files appear in a list view on the right.

A toolbar at the top of the application provides access to frequently used commands, while an FTP activity log
appears at the bottom of the window.

FTP Explorer Connection Wizard

The FTP Explorer Connection Wizard walks you step by step through the process of creating a connection profile,
verifying the connection values along the way.

FTP Explorer Features

  • Automatic connection retry. FTP Explorer monitors the status of the FTP connection, and should the connection be lost, it will automatically reconnect when possible.
  • Download resume. FTP Explorer can automatically resume interrupted downloads (when supported by the FTP server).
  • Background transfers. FTP Explorer can transfer files in the background while you continue to browse and select files to transfer. You can even connect to different servers while you are in the middle of transfering files.
  • File descriptions. FTP Explorer can automatically download file descriptions when available and display them in the list pane.
  • Shortcuts. You can create shortcuts on your destkop for your favorite FTP profiles and connect to them quickly by double-clicking the shortcut.
  • Quick Connect. The Quick Connect feature allows you to quickly enter an FTP url to establish an anonymous FTP connection rapidly.
  • Drag and Drop. FTP Explorer supports drag and drop. Simply drag files from the Windows file system onto FTP Explorer to upload, or drag files from FTP Explorer to the Windows file system to download.

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